@janellemonae bringing the heat LIVE and in color! #theelectriclady tour is a must see! There’s only a few US dates left! From start to finish the new album is incredible, and the live performance, well, you’ll just have to see it to believe it! And her @wondaland family is the truth too! I’m hoping to one day meet this talented lady and all of the #wondalandartssociety artists. Their music is downright infectious. I feel like blasting #danceapocalyptic right here at my desk! Well, gotta go… Oh yeah, @jovizi, please make some room under the tour bus near the drums and the keyboard cases. I’m hitching a ride South right now! 😏 (truth)
#janellemonae #greatmusic #soulfulsinger #electriclady #wondaland #cindymayweather

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